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Community Development

Our community development projects create mechanisms of nourishing the community by serving the under-served first as a means to find new ways to strengthen and unite more people. With food donation drives and establishing an Aadhaar Card Machine with our partner school, we have and continue to empower the community with more accessibility and growth.

Food Donation Drive

We provided food supply deliveries (grains, rice, wheat, cooking oil) throughout lockdown periods in Mumbai. They were mostly delivered to essential workers and reached 50 households for 7 consistent cycles, meeting the needs of over 250 people.


Establishing Aadhar Card Machines

Continuing our long association with Anjuman Islamic English School, Goregaon East, we inaugurated the school’s own Aadhar Card Registration Centre with fingerprint filing, as per the government guidelines. This Aadhar Card centre will provide an accessible, easy-to-use, low-cost option for a neighbourhood where most households earn a little more than minimum wage. It creates the school to be a centre of citizen redressals regarding Aadhar, along with a learning centre for boys and girls.


The day also included conversations with the kids and encouraging special academic awardees of the school who have secured scholastic excellence. Principal Abid Sir’s dedication is an inspiration for us and we are glad to be a part of the school’s progress. Honoured to advance the school’s strength further.

Happy Triangle Magazine

Happy Triangle Magazine: covers stories on Indian history, self-learning, and health times. It aims to provide a form of learning aid during the lockdown, especially for those who may lack tech-learning facilities. It is curated to assist and improve English reading and comprehension skills for readers between the ages of 8 to 15 years. It began in August 2020 and now reaches 300 readers every month in Mumbai. It is distributed for no charge. The magazine focuses on teaching young children in a way that engages them in new conversations and ideas. As we slowly move out of severe corona infections, we are changing our monthly publications to quarterly publications, which would allow us to enhance our quality, story telling, and surveying.

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