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Our educational projects create post-school classes, workshops, magazines, and sponsor education for children who are the most deprived of equal opportunity. We believe education is one of the most powerful tools to bring about a change in our society.

Children's Workshop

We conduct post-school workshops for young children, that bring to their discussions on real-world topics, and skill development. The topics for children include - climate change, history, geography, critical thinking exercises, public speaking, and English. They have been currently discontinued due to the pandemic. The aim of these workshops is to bring group discussions and interactive ideas to the children where they can engage with a range of topics and ask questions. We promote asking questions - kya, kyu aur kaise, what why and how.

Book Donation Drive

On 10th August, at Anjuman School, we organized notebook donations for students from class 2nd to 10th, and reached over 150 students, providing notebooks for the year. The notebooks would cover all subjects. The notebook art cover stated ‘let your imagination fly’ and the classroom conversations encouraged the children to stay focused and continue to take creative breaks.

Post School Classes

Our teacher, Asma Madam, taught post-school classes every day on the weekdays. She conducted her class to revise queries of the class, arrange activities where students can practice public speaking, and encourage open communication. These classes increased the school's overall attendance and placed a sense of unity and curiosity in the children.

Asma Teacher .jpg

Skills Seminar

The Happy Triangle Foundation in collaboration with Sonal Kakhar Founder of Red Swastik Society and Dr. Noorjehan Safia Niaz, BMMA (Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan) organized and conducted an organic soap-making workshop for the women of Shivashi Prakalp, Goregaon East, Mumbai. The soap workshop centered around the process of making organic soaps, learning about essential oils, and the method to procure the necessary and correct material.

The workshop was attended by over 50 women, and live demonstrations helped create a classroom experience to learn and distribute that information further, by taking notes and videos.  The women were encouraged to bring their kids because it was their first classroom experience for many of them. The workshop's purpose was to teach a new hard skill and create a comfortable learning experience where mothers can be accompanied by their infants so more women can engage in this learning process. Women from the community and support from the school helped create the first step for employable opportunity workshops from Happy Triangle Foundation to begin, and allow committed efforts for such activities going forth.

Women Empowerment Seminar

This 5-day seminary in January 2020 was in collaboration with Dr. Noor Niaz and presented conversations on the power and need of women’s economic, educational, and social support systems. Over the week’s discussions, women engaged in group activities and discussed women’s positions in society with an open mind. The purpose was to bring women together and create a space where new ideas could begin and create a conversation in their own homes, such that, the next generation of women live a better and more equal life than we do today.


Reproductive Rights Seminar

These workshops held in January 2022 were in collaboration with Dr. Noor Niaz, Founder of BMMA (Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan), and presented conversations on the power and need for women’s rights over their reproductive rights. This brought many married women to the forefront of key topics such as women’s support groups, psychology, the importance of rights, and spreading awareness.

Happy Triangle Magazine

Happy Triangle Magazine: covers stories on Indian history, self-learning, and health times. It aims to provide a form of learning aid during the lockdown, especially for those who may lack tech-learning facilities. It is curated to assist and improve English reading and comprehension skills for readers between the ages of 8 to 15 years. It began in August 2020 and now reaches 300 readers every month in Mumbai. It is distributed for no charge. The magazine focuses on teaching young children in a way that engages them in new conversations and ideas. As we slowly move out of severe corona infections, we are changing our monthly publications to quarterly publications, which would allow us to enhance our quality, story telling, and surveying.

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