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Savithribai Phule

How did Savitribai Phule become India’s first woman teacher, defied caste, and inspired countless women

Savitribai Phule is one of India's biggest feminist icons. Click below to know more.

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Written on and for Changemakers.

Happy Triangle Magazine covers stories on Indian History, Self-Learning, and Health Times. It aims to provide a form of learning aid during the Lockdown, especially for those who may lack tech-learning facilities. It is curated to assist and improve English reading and comprehension skills for readers between the ages of 8 to 15 years. It began in August 2020 and now reaches 400 readers every month in Mumbai. It is distributed for no charge. The magazine focuses on teaching young children in a way that engages them in new conversations and ideas.


Readers every month

Free of Cost

to the under-privileged

24+ Editions

as of 2022


Our Mission

To facilitate learning for young children by easily communicating stories, research, and English lessons.

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Our Vision

To promote reading, self-growth, and art.

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Our Icons

Every edition of ours covers catalytic change-makers of society! Below are all our cover pages and the powerful icon behind them.

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Our Readership

Since August 2020, we have been providing Happy Triangle completely free of cost to the following organizations that support children’s education. 

Every Subscription contributes towards more children being empowered.


Anjuman Shan-e-Milat
Urdu High School

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With your support, we have secured a collaboration with Maharashtra's Ministry of Women and Child Development!

What does this mean?

With this, we can reach Maharashtra's Anganwadis, home shelters, and orphanages to provide educational material for young readers, in the form of our magazine - Happy Triangle.

This collaboration can take our community support of free magazines for 400 under-served, to 5,00,000 lakh under-served children, who are receiving government-funded education with Anganwadis and home shelters (Baal-gruha), but deserve more support in the form of interactive learning experiences.


To execute this public service, we need your support, so we can expand free educational support to children in Mumbai to those all around Maharashtra.

Meet the Team behind
Happy Triangle Magazine

Rekha Sharma-100.jpg

Rekha Sharma

Co-Founder & Managing Editor

Rekha has 21 years of experience as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army and continues her passion for public service with Happy Triangle. She has degrees in commerce, education, and nursing and an MA in commerce. She writes on health for the magazine.

Raj Kumar Sharma-100.jpg

Raj Kumar Sharma


Also known as Pandit Ji, Mr. Sharma is an astrologer, a field which he has been practicing since the age of 8. His experience of overcoming internal displacement due to conflict in the north steers him to help people, and he supports HTF with financing and management.

Palak Rashma Sharma-100.jpg

Palak Rashma Sharma

Co-Founder & Managing Editor

Palak’s interest in Buddhist philosophy and GNH economics guided her to work on HTF. She has degrees in economics from Symbiosis and Johns Hopkins University. She works with the World Bank and has experience on-ground in rural and urban India. 

Adhiep Rashada-100.jpg

Adheip Rashada

Associate Editor

Adheip has studied International Conflict, Security, and Migration. He also works at the Science Gallery Bengaluru as a Learning Associate. In his free time, he dabbles in making photo projects, sketching, watching films, and reading manga. He writes on geography, conservation, and socio-cultural issues.