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Our health projects create medical check-up camps and vaccinations for essential workers. It serves as a means to create equitable spaces for all to access health care facilities with respect and care.

Medical Check Up

On the 5th of January 2020, The Happy Triangle Foundation in collaboration with Balajee Hospital, in Malad East Mumbai, organized a Free Medical Camp for anyone in need, who could gain access to free health care services. The services included BP, ECG, Sonography, 2D, Echo, X-ray, CBC, HGT tests.

The camp aimed to provide services and reach out to those who are unable to gain financial access to medical tests, treatment, and doctor’s advice. The overwhelming attendance and positive reviews created an on-ground understanding of how healthcare difficulties vary by different socio-economic groups, genders, and age groups. Doctors from the hospital received patients from 10 am to 3 pm and allowed a series of new people from the community to join, and spread the word.


We host bi-annual health events with local hospitals with free medical check-ups and awareness campaigns pre-covid to aid the nutrition of those who need it the most. This consists of free medicines and follow-up appointments.


Health Camp at Balajee Hospital, 5th January 2020: with services available such as blood pressure tests, sonography, 2D, echo, X-ray, CBC, ECG, and HGT tests. This was followed by 2 fully funded operations (orthopedic and gynecological), with complete post-operation medical care and checkups.


Vaccination Drive

We are currently in the process of bridging the gap between government-sponsored vaccination programs that are free, and of private clinics that charge a fee. In July, we collaborated with Lilavati hospital in Mumbai and provided free vaccinations to over 300 essential workers. The upcoming post-lockdown months in Mumbai will see more vaccination programs on a priority basis.


Vaccine Camp with Lilavati Hospital was dated 2nd July 2021 and held at BKC Trade Centre. Successfully vaccinated: 250 individuals


Vaccine Camp with Balajee Hospital was dated 29th July 2021 and held at the hospital in Malad East. Successfully vaccinated: 40 individuals

Happy Triangle Magazine

Happy Triangle Magazine: covers stories on Indian history, self-learning, and health times. It aims to provide a form of learning aid during the lockdown, especially for those who may lack tech-learning facilities. It is curated to assist and improve English reading and comprehension skills for readers between the ages of 8 to 15 years. It began in August 2020 and now reaches 300 readers every month in Mumbai. It is distributed for no charge. The magazine focuses on teaching young children in a way that engages them in new conversations and ideas. As we slowly move out of severe corona infections, we are changing our monthly publications to quarterly publications, which would allow us to enhance our quality, story telling, and surveying.

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